Craft cocktails, ready to pour

Mixed to Perfection, Every Time 

We all have that favourite cocktail, mixed by that one favourite bartender, that we keep going back to. That special cocktail that leaves a taste of happy on your lips, every time. At Cocktail Collusion we bring your favourite cocktails right to your hands - expertly crafted, perfectly mixed, ready to enjoy.

When Two Worlds Collide

The Cocktail Collusion is the creative concept of two New Zealand brands: The Bond Store and The Cocktail Cart. We combine some of NZ's best ingredients to create exceptional cocktails - expertly mixed, perfectly balanced, and canned to perfection.

Our cocktails use the highest quality alcohol, such as Bond Store Kawakawa Gin, Koakoa Orangecello, and Kāpiti Coast Vodka. Each recipe has been carefully crafted, tested, and perfected by The Cocktail Cart's Dorothy Whitham. 

Think of us as your very own mixologost, your personal bartender - ready to pour when you are. 

Find us online or at your local 

Cocktail Collusion canned cocktails are available online via The Bond Store, or at your local alcohol shop. 

Carefully crafted, proper cocktails 

Cocktail Collusion cocktails are availabe in four-packs, perfect for bringing the life to your next party. Or store in the fridge and enjoy solo - the 250ml cans are the perfect pour.